The history of the kennel dates back to

  The history of the kennel dates back to 1986. On 30 of April we brought a puppy to our son Andres. The foxterrier was from Tõravere, close to Tartu and cost 120 roubles - monthly salary at that time. Puppy was named Sally, officially Bel-Sally, after her mother Bella.

Mother Bella, Sally and some documents from that era 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The first puppies were born 10 June 1988.

On those times the cost of a puppy was accredited by the local canine club committee. The price was set to 150 roubles. Vaccinations of puppies was organized by the club.
Photos showing the line where vaccinating is done by Heli Talvik.

Virve Peedo - chairman of Tartu Canine's Club appears on photo (lady on left).

Photos 1, 2, 3 are taken from the gathering of 4 months old puppies from the first litter. The event took place near Emajõgi and from six puppies four were present including their mother and father.

Dog shows started with the dog parade. On photo judging of foxterriers is carried out. Sally's score from some of the shows are shown on photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Foxterrier is decorative and universal hunting dog.

Photo was taken in 1989 depicting Sälly's second litter with Elfriide Sillapere, chairman of Canine Club Rakvere, Liivi Amos from Canine Club Tartu and a customer. By that time soviet currency had lowered to the point where the price for the puppy was 500 roubles. Bitch Lilly, chosen from that litter was not appropriate for further breeding. Father of the puppies was Kuraare from St. Petersburg.

Dogs suitable for the further breeding were found from the Sally's third litter in 1993 which amazingly included 8 puppies - one bitch and seven males. Father was Gainsay Land Shark, originating from Finland, from St. Petersburg - owner V. Tsõgankova. Five days later after Sally's litter Lilly produced 4 puppies (father was the same), but all of them were too high due to breeding with male Kuraare.

Three bitches chosen for further breeding are shown.
Seeba, first from left and who was the smallest from litter, turned out to be most successful for breeding. Semma, far right, was initially litter's strongest, but further on became second-rated. Säde in the middle gave start to breed with excellent hunting characteristics. These three puppies as grown-ups are shown on photos Seeba, Säde, Semma.

Pedigree follows….

Following the pedigree from 30. April 05 starts 20th year in breeding - anniversary year with Kuningkroon's descendants.

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