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 Greeting of the mayor of Pomichna town Sergey Hrushch

City Pomichna, Dobrovelichkovka rayon,

Kirovograd area, Ukraina  Founded August 01, 1868

 The city Pomichna is located about 70 km south - west of the regional center Kirovograd, almost at the geographical center of the Ukraine, on Pridneprovski heights. It was founded during construction the Olviopol - Jelizavetograd railway line in 1868. In Pomichna, there was a passing-track with the same name, which gave life to our city. Later, during construction of the Odessa - Bobrinska railway in 1911-1912, a depot and some stone houses for the railwaymen were built at Pomichna station.  By the decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of Ukraine Pomichna is referred to the category of cities since May 14th, 1957

             From the moment of the founding till today the history of our city is connected to the work of  railway transportation. So it has developed historically, that just enterprises of railway transportation define the face of our city: a locomotive and carload depot, a distance power supply, signal system and communication, railway, Pomichna station, and a number of other divisions, which provide uninterrupted work on the railway.  

             The territory of city is 815 hectares. Within it live about 12 thousand people, of which 5049 are engaged in public service; 3665 people are pensioners, 2429 are children, and 153 businessmen are engaged in public manufacturing.

             In the city are 3 comprehensive schools, 4 kindergartens (294 children.), and 5 libraries.

The total number of flats is 3824; the average area of apartment houses is 66 840-sq. m.

             The city each day consumes 1 500-m3 waters.

36 shops function, with a commercial area of 2839 sq. m.

             The open joint-stock company Pomichna elevator numbers among the largest urban enterprises; which in 1998 made: flour best quality - 121,2 t, flour 1st quality - 214,2 t, elimination - 172,6 t, corn grouts - 31,2 t, corn flour - 9,4 t, sunflower oil - 7,8 t, macaroni products - 12,1 t, other bread and grain products - 20,5 t.

Pomichna canned food factory specializes in manufacture of canned food and sausage products,and bread. Capacity of the factory is 4 millions jars (fruit, vegetable, tomato, and meat). In 1998, 31 t of sausage products were issued.

Within the city there are 45 km of paved roads, and the operational length of railway is 640 km.

             The city has both an industrial and social infrastructure.

             Pomichna is glorified by the diligence of its people. The labor collectives of our enterprises have repeatedly won different competitions, and reviews at a level Znamenka of branch of the Odessa railway. At the same time, they are rather demanding both to themselves, and to other people.

             Unfortunately, the economic crisis has affected our city. The number of unemployed has increased, the number of workplaces has been reduced, and therefore production has been curtailed. The basic problems of city are: flood by groundwater, contents of housing fund, construction and repair of paved roads, completion of  the construction of hospital, water supply, contents and replenishment of budget organizations. These and number of other problem questions constantly are in a field of sight of local council, and its executive committee.

Mayor of Pomichna                                             Sergei Hrushch


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